Digital ticketing and wayfinding for courts

Courtsight digitises check-in and ticketing processes, making life easier for court staff. Staff can prioritise matters, reallocate hearings and track court performance. Powerful analytics and data helps to reduce bottleneck and court waiting times for people attending court.

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Simple performance metrics

Courtsight’s analytics dashboard gives you live updates on how many people are waiting and where. It also lets you track metrics about your court’s performance over time — from average wait times to different hearing outcomes.

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SMS notifications, digital ticketing, touch screens, kiosks and public displays helps court visitors to navigate the court experience and take the burden off registry and other court staff.

Courtsight is a cloud based platform that integrates with a range of case management systems, court feeds and third party platforms.

Dashboards, analytics and powerful recommendation algorithms allow you to better schedule personnel, increase efficiency and reduce court waiting times for the public.

Screens styled to match your facility

Interfaces and public screens are customised to follow branding guidelines of your court, tribunal, jurisdiction or department. See our work for Court Services Victoria at Shepparton Law Courts.

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We want to bring the benefits of this technology to other tribunals and jurisdictions across Australia and beyond. Enter your details to schedule a demo and to learn more about how to install Courtsight across your facility.

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Courtsight is a product of Portable, a design and innovation company based in Melbourne.

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