Where is Courtsight hosted?

Courtsight is hosted on Amazon servers within Australia. It can also be deployed to other cloud environments such as Azure.

How much does it cost?

We’d be happy to discuss options for installing Courtsight into your court or tribunal. Please contact us through the form provided to discuss your needs.

Does Courtsight come with its own hardware, such as screens and monitors?

As part of our installation and setup, we can provide cost effective screens and kiosks. Alternatively we can work with your own existing hardware

How configurable is Courtsight

We are able to configure Courtsight to each specific court’s needs. It’s suitable for large multi-court facilities as well as single court facilities.

Is Courtsight ready to use now?

Yes. Courtsight is already in use across a number of courts and tribunals.

What level of support is provided?

We operate at 24/7 help desk for support as well as regular maintenance.

Is there a limit to the number of cases Courtsight can manage?

No, there is no limit.